TURBOTORCH Brazing And Soldering Kit, X-4B Series

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Air/Acetylene torch kit features a "B" tank connection and is designed for use in brazing applications only. It features a quick-disconnect handle and tips, while the color-coded O-rings enable quick gas identification. Swirl combustion tips help you obtain higher target temperatures.

Item: Brazing And Soldering Kit
Gas Service: Acetylene
Torch Handle: G4
Pressure Regulator: AR-B
Series: X-4B
Inlet Connection: CGA-520
Outlet Connection: CGA-520
Welding Nozzles: A-5, A-14
Includes: G4 handle, AH-12 hose, A-5 tip, A-14 tip, tank key
Standards: UL Listed
Duty Rating: Heavy Duty
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