TEMPIL Temperature Indicator 500 deg. F, Liquid

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Item: Temperature Indicator 500 Degrees F
Type: Liquid
Characteristics: Quick, Easy and Cost-Effective Method to Verify The Achievement of A Specific Temperature On A Wide Range of Surfaces
Application: When Applied to Surface, Tempilaq Dries and Forms A Dull and Opaque Film, The Film Liquefies When Heat is Applied to The Surface When The Rated Temperature is Reached, As The Surface Cools, The Mark Re-Solidifies to Leave A Distinctly Different Mark, Confirming The Target Temperature Has Been Achieved
Function: For Thermal Mapping On Multiple Surfaces, Calibrating Brake Calipers, Wave Soldering PC Boards, Dielectric Heat Sealing, Post-Forming Plastic Laminate, Annealing Polished Metal Surfaces, Calibrating Industrial Ovens
Includes: Brush-In-Cap for Easy Application in 2 oz. Bottle
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