AQUASOL Water Soluble Paper, 15 1/2 Wx22, PK250 (pkg. of 250)

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This water-soluble paper can be formed into any size purge when used with water-soluble tape, available separately.

Item: Water Soluble Paper
Material: ASW-60/S-22
Length: 15 1/2" Wide x 22"
For Use With: Aquasol Water Soluble Tape, EZ Zone Tape
Paper Type: Sheet
Features: Made Of Sodium Carboxyl Methyl, Can Be Used To Dam Argon Or Helium Gases During Tungsten Inert Gas (Tig) Welding Of Steel Or Aluminum Pipes. After Welding Is Complete, Flush Out Of System With Water Leaving No Residue In The Pipeline. Environmentally Friendly And Nontoxic. Can Be Formed Into Any Size Purge Dam. Position Minimum Of 6-8 Inches From Root Gap. Use Heavy Weight Paper (Asw60) For Prpes Having An Inside Diameter Of 4 Inches Or Greater.
Application: MIG/TIG Welding, Purging
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